Flying like a bird, enjoying unforgettable 3D experiences, riding fun with electric fun sports equipment - guests young and old can experience plenty of action in Hall 24.

VR-Xperience | Hall 24 | 14 - 22 Oktober

The VR-Xperience offers VR games for an unforgettable experience: visitors can immerse themselves in virtual worlds and enjoy unforgettable 3D experiences, for example with the flight simulators BIRDLY, ICAROS and F-16 Jet Simulator.

With the BIRDLY you fly like a bird through 3D worlds: Whether between skyscrapers, Cretaceous dinosaurs, under water or racing along the mountain in a wingsuit - here you can experience virtual reality live with all your senses. By moving your arms, you control the simulator and move like a bird, while high-resolution VR goggles convey a real flight experience. You won't forget this flight in a hurry.

ICAROS, on the other hand, offers a combination of fitness and virtual reality: You can fly or dive through virtual worlds and improve your fitness at the same time - ICAROS applications strengthen torso and upper body muscles and sharpen coordination and balance.

Feel like you're in TOP-GUN for once? With the spectacular F-16 Fighting Falcon jet simulator this dream can become reality! Climb into the cockpit and experience a special kind of adrenaline adventure in realistic VR quality.

Electric Fun Sports | Hall 24 | October 14 - 22

The eMobility courses will also feature the hottest electric fun sports equipment such as electric skateboards, hoverboards, e-scooters, monowheels, I-Walk minisegways, e-mopeds & karts.Trained instructors will familiarize visitors with the vehicles and safety regulations before they hit the track - then the driving fun can begin.

At the e-Parcours Kids, kids from the age of 3 can take a seat in electric children's cars and drive around the course. On the e-Racing Parcours Kids, children from the age of 7 can dare their first independent driving attempts on four wheels with electric mini-quads. Children between the ages of 7 and 11 also gain their first experience & fun in karting with the electric drift karts.

And on the e-Racing course Teen & Adult (from 12 years) children as well as teenagers and adults get their money's worth. The Ninebot electric karts offer mega fun factor for all fans of karting. And the larger electric midi-quads guarantee spectacular driving experiences for all.