Immerse yourself in our exciting supporting program, which, under the motto "Music connects", offers not only musical performances but also plenty of cultural highlights: Presenter and entertainer Daniel Reinsberg will lead you through the breathtaking show "GOP - Im Rhythmus der Artistik" (In the Rhythm of Artistry), which will captivate you with its fusion of acrobatics and comedy.

The antipodist Vanessa Alvarez amazes the audience by juggling not only the guitar with her feet, but also swinging with scarves - and all that paired with Spanish temperament!

Anssi Nurmi from Finland combines tricking with classical music in a unique way. Tricking originates from the parkour and street art scene, involving acrobatic jumps and somersaults over walls. Anssi combines these elements into an incredible stage performance.

Anissa Elakel presents the art of equilibristics, the art of balance, also known as handstand acrobatics. Accompanied by dramatic music, she seems to effortlessly defy gravity. In addition, visitors can expect extraordinary partner acrobatics with tricking elements from "Duo Nuel," consisting of Anissa and Anssi.

Daniel Reinsberg will provide a hearty workout for the laughing muscles with his comedy interlude! But he is not alone on stage, but with a special partner at his side, to whom he gives his voice: Daniel is a ventriloquist - ventriloquist. He is so successful as a presenter and entertainer that he is not only at home on the stages of Germany, but has also received an award from the World Performance Festival in Osaka Japan.

So: Curtain up for a fantastic GOP Variety Show on October 14 on the LEBENSART stage at infa 2023! The program will start at 15.30 a.m.