Hall 24 | Theme World Fun & Games

Experienced eMobility partner Grube-Event GmbH will be providing trial areas for small electric vehicles on four demarcated action courses under its "eSkates" brand in Hall 24 - from the Kids Parcours from the age of 2 with classic electric cars from licensed brands to two racing tracks for children from the age of 7 and adults with karts, quads and drifters to the eMobility mix of hoverboards, I-Walk minisegways and scooters, there is everything your heart desires. Fast-paced fun for all ages with valid liability waivers. The team explains everything in detail on site and equips participants with protective clothing for the riding experience. This year's addition to the courses, to mark Carrera's 60th birthday, is a large digital racetrack where up to 6 people can race their cars in parallel.

Right next door, the company's "VR-Xperiences" division presents an entire virtual experience world with free VR play stations and unique simulators. The main theme is "flying" with the VR simulators Birdly, Icaros Flight, an F16 jet and a VR hot air balloon! The offering is complemented by the Icaros Race motorcycle simulator as well as four free-play areas for hot VR games such as Beat Saber and Richies Plank. The VR experience world offers applications for all ages from 6 years upwards. Dive into the third dimension!