Are you a beginner and would like to learn a few new dance steps? Do you like to dance and would like to improve your skills a little?

Then the Beauty & Style theme world is the right place for you! The Happy Hour dance school invites you to watch and participate on six days.

Beauty & Style (Hall 23) | 15 + 16, 18, 21 - 23.10.2022

On 15 October line dancing is on the program, on 16 October disco fox and disco chart as well as social dancing, on 18 and 21 October line dancing for seniors. On 22 October, visitors can look forward to a colorful mix of disco fox, Zumba, line dancing and disco chart.

Program (German)

The students or the trainer couple will show choreographies or dance a selection of songs at the start, and afterwards there will be workshops for visitors to join in. Create your own personal Happy Hour and learn new dance steps!

Theme World Beauty & Style