We all know that our health is extremely important. But sometimes we neglect it. Often we are stressed by everyday life and we don't take the time to cure our aches and pains or to take care of our bodies.

The infa Balance provides a remedy: it offers the entire feel-good package for everyone who cares about their own health.

infa balance (Hall 23) | 15 - 23 October | daily 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The subject of sleep plays an important role from a health perspective and therefore also at infa Balance. Wellness made in Germany on the subject of "healthy sleep" is available at Meisel & Gerken: There, visitors will find air core mattresses and air beds as well as water mattresses and water beds. Slatted frames, bedsteads and accessories round off the range - so that you will always have a good night's sleep in the future!

Feel good and relax, meanwhile, is the main focus at Donnerberg: here you can find massagers for neck and shoulders, vibration plates, massage guns, bamboo cushions, back supports and other wellness and fitness products. There is also something for friends of the Japanese form of acupressure: with shiatsu acupressure, treatment samples are available directly on site.

Meanwhile, people who get cold easily will find what they are looking for at the Iceland Wool Paradise: Whether fashion, natural textiles made of wool, knitted or woven, jumpers, jackets, coats, hats, scarves, gloves or blankets - the products from the Scandinavian countries, the Baltic States and Ireland ensure a cosy and warm feeling.

And if you are planning a relaxing stay, Lecebne lazne Marianske Lazne is the place to go: there you can find wellness and spa stays in the city of Marienbad in the Czech Republic. So: infa balance has the right thing for every situation and every life situation - the main thing is healthy!