Special highlight: the unplugged performance by members of the band Fury in the Slaughterhouse on the first Sunday of the fair. With their performance, the homeless project "DIE!!! Christmas Party" will be promoted and supported. In addition to the showcase, the Furys will also be selling autographs, tour posters, books and records for a good cause. In addition, guitarist Christof Stein-Schneider will be a guest in the Christmas theme world on the last Saturday of the fair, October 21, and will give guitar lessons to interested visitors. Together, they will practice a song that will be performed live on the same afternoon.

In Christmas, visitors can also expect a breathtaking show by BeatBoxer Pete the Beat, known from the Paramount+ TV series Spotlight, as well as performances by Ossy Pfeiffer and Anca Graterol on the last Sunday of the trade show, October 22, which will include the soccer anthem "96 - Alte Liebe".

The Bazaar of Nations also invites you on a musical journey, with the special highlight being the UNESCO City of Music Hannover program. From October 18 to 20, bands and artists will present an impressive range of genres here. Another musical treat awaits visitors on the evening of October 19: Ayda Kirci will present a German-Turkish friendship concert, for which the opening hours in the Bazaar of Nations will be extended until 8 pm. Under the motto "Anatolian goes Jazz", Turkish folk songs, also known as Türkü songs, will merge with Western jazz garb to create an extraordinary sound journey.

The bazaar will also host MEER RADIO, based in Neustadt, for the first time. Here, not only talks and information are on the program, MEER RADIO also comes with regional bands that present themselves on stage to the infa audience. In addition, there will also be night dance participations and world music in the bazaar.

The exclusive theme world LEBENSART is also all about music. Throughout infa, visitors can look forward to a diverse music and cultural program in Hall 19. For example, GOP Varieté-Theater Hannover will be presenting a mix of artistry and comedy on October 14, and Olando's Dynamic Dance will be inviting visitors to take part in lively dance workshops. LEBENSART visitors will also be accompanied by the band Mel & Friends. Also present will be Klavierhaus Döll, which will provide background music both at the booth and on the LEBENSART stage.

By the way, Olando's Dynamic Dance is not only based at LEBENSART. The native Ghanaian is also celebrating his 25th anniversary in the Beauty & Wellness Hall and at infalino - with bachata and salsa classes, Afrobeat, 80s and 90s dance shows and free dancing.

infa 2023 - a festival of sounds and a place of cultural encounters. infa project manager Klaudia Kohl: "Visitors can immerse themselves in the world of music, be inspired by stirring melodies and rhythms and thus experience unforgettable moments at infa."

MUSIC CONNECTS at infa - October 14 to 22, daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Hannover Exhibition Center.