It doesn't get more varied than this

Four times a day, the popular influencer, fashionista and presenter Luisa Verfürth invites you to informative talks, shows and participatory activities with a high fun factor. Among others, Katrin Schwarz, aka Kat the mermaid, will be there. She will talk about her love of mermaids, present the latest fin models and talk about her travels and her life as an underwater model.

Stefanie Gornicki and Franziska Kordis are all about design made in Germany. With their label Doerpwicht, the two stand for high-end luxury leather bags, fine women's fashion, and even dog clothing. Their motto: We should know what we are wearing. Luisa Verfürth talks to them about sustainability and awareness in the fashion business.

High-quality natural cosmetics are Cécile Morice's passion. Born in France, she founded the brand Ombelle in Hanover, and presents its products and philosophy on stage.

It's hard to imagine Hanover's old town without Ulli Hahn and his Ullikat. "Pulli Ulli"" talks to Luisa about his love of fashion for "tough guys", but also shows how jackets, caps, T-shirts can be individually "pimped".

Most people know yoga, but what exactly is Life Kinetics? Ann-Kathrin and Tim Hofmann invite you to participate in both disciplines and explain what exactly the exercises do and why they are so good for the body.

Orlandos Dynamic Dance, a dance school in Hanover, invites you to join in the fun with snappy moves and hot rhythms.

Furthermore, dance school boss Anissa Bothe will be on stage, jewelry designers Judith and Luise from Oh My Godess, astrologer Linda Freutel, the passionate barber Pierre Heinemann will show what makes a well-groomed beard, and so on.

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