Shortly before Christmas, the homeless project "DIE!!! Christmas Party" invites needy people to a big Christmas dinner and donation distribution at the Hanover HCC.

At the Christmas "DIE!!! Christmas Party" will be beating the advertising drum for this great campaign - with a program that has it all.

One of the highlights is sure to be the unplugged performance by members of the band "Fury in the Slaughterhouse" on the first Sunday of the fair. The Furys are the patrons of the project and have also picked out rarities from their band archive for this day, which can be purchased by visitors. All proceeds will go to help the homeless. So there will be signed vinyl albums, books and posters. And of course the Christmas Party Benefit CD Sampler, co-organized by Christof Stein-Schneider.

The quick-draw artist Lucy Hobrecht will also be there to capture the guests on paper. In addition, the Hanoverian comedian Thommi Baake presents a selection of classic Super 8 films, which he comments on humorously.

Pete the Beat will also be a guest at Christmas. Pete is known, among other things, from the TV series Spotlight, in which he plays the beatboxing janitor. The deceptively real musical reproduction of drums AND bass, an unbelievable variety of musical styles, a tremendous virtuosity without a loop station and without technical showmanship - Pete brings it!

You want to be enchanted? Then come and see Cody Stone. He has already enchanted an audience of millions with his TV series (including Magic Attack on Super RTL and Disney Channel), as well as with his live shows in Las Vegas and New York. Cody Stone proves with incredible dexterity and the craft of a master magician that it is not the technique that enchants the audience. Entertaining and captivating, he manages the balancing act between state-of-the-art technology and "analog" magic effects.

Little figures on visitors' hands, arms or faces - all this will be conjured up by Fräulein Schminke, and the Grinch will also be there for very special Christmas photos, there will be a Christmas tasting and a wheel of fortune with great prizes. In a photo box, individual photos can be taken with Christmas accessories, which will be printed out directly on site. In addition, cloth bags can be printed with the "Die!!! Christmas party logo" can be printed on them.

There will also be a reading with the author duo Wolfram Hänel and Ulrike Gerold. The reading will be accompanied by guitarist Arndt Schulz.

Speaking of guitarists: Fury guitarist Christof Stein-Schneider will come to Christmas on the last Saturday of the fair and give guitar lessons. Together with the visitors, who should bring a guitar if possible, a song will be rehearsed, which will be presented live on site afterwards. In addition, all those who have purchased the HOPE Box should bring the Fury Songbook.

Also making a guest appearance on the last weekend of the fair will be pop-art artist Andora. He will be painting wooden wine boxes, which can also be donated directly at the booth.

The finale, so to speak, will be contested on the last Sunday by Ossy Pfeiffer and Anca Graterol. Among other things, they will sing the popular soccer anthem "96 - Alte Liebe".

And Ossy will also read from his biography, which will be published in 2024.

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