Lecture forum with expert tips for expectant parents and large children's festival

The diverse program of lectures is specially tailored to the needs of parents and provides them with a wealth of valuable knowledge. Cornelia Kastaun, breastfeeding and lactation consultant at the Hannover Medical School (MHH), for example, will provide comprehensive advice on the topic of "Breastfeeding - yes, safe!". Questions such as: Is preparation for breastfeeding necessary? How can I see if my baby is getting enough milk? How can my partner support me?

PD Dr. Lars Brodowski, senior physician at the MHH Women's Clinic, presents obstetrics at the Perinatal Center of Hannover Medical School and provides information about the services offered on site - from admission to the day of discharge.

Dr. Julia Schmilewski from the Lower Saxony Dental Association discusses "Healthy teeth - right from the start". This covers oral care during pregnancy, baby's first teeth and the change of teeth. Dr. Heike Thüring-Nahler from Vita34 will talk about "Stem cells from the umbilical cord - securing them for my child at birth". Because: umbilical cord blood can be frozen for many years and is available again later for many diseases.

Visitors can also learn all about "Healthy baby feet from the beginning, the first step to the first step". Questions will be answered such as: When do you start putting shoes on your baby? or What should you look for when buying baby and children's shoes? There are also tips and tricks on "babywearing": What makes a good baby carrier? What must be considered? How do I adjust my baby carrier correctly? And anyone who wants to gain safe knowledge about "first aid for children" will be taught by Christian Feder - a specialist trainer for this very subject.

Experience exciting lectures, collect valuable tips and information about being a parent. But that's not all! Don't miss the accompanying children's festival on both days, with fun and numerous activities such as bouncy castles, handicrafts, painting and many other hands-on activities for the little visitors.

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