36 years ago, five young, likeable musicians got together in the basement of the youth center Glocksee in Hanover and founded the band Fury in The Slaughterhouse. Since then, it's hard to imagine Hanover without the "Furys". Thanks to their catchy rock and pop songs, they have long been one of the most successful German bands and have created unforgettable classics such as "Time To Wonder", "Won't Forget These Days", "Radio Orchid" or "Trapped Today, Trapped Tomorrow". Their latest work "Hope" has just been released and has stormed the German album charts in no time.

But Fury In The Slaughterhouse warm the hearts not only with their music. For years now, they have been supporting "DIE!!! Christmas Party" - a big homeless relief event just before Christmas, where needy people are invited to the Hannover Congress Center for Christmas dinner and provided with necessary items for everyday life.

At infa, more precisely as part of the "Christmas", the Furys want to promote "THE!!! Christmas Party" and make sure that as many donations as possible are collected. To this end, members of the band will give a small, free unplugged concert as well as autographs, and the band's latest CD will also be sold for the good cause at the fair. Beyond that there will be still further actions, about which we will report at this place already soon.

The Furys at infa - on October 15 in the Christmas.