The "Die Gute Form" design competition honors excellently designed journeyman's pieces in the carpentry trade. The guild organization organizes it every year at guild, state and national level. A jury of experts selects the pieces at each level that advance one round.

Wohnen & Ambiente (Hall 20) | October 15 - 23 | daily 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

infa is now the venue for the competition at the state level. The exhibition, organized by the Lower Saxony/Bremen Association of Cabinetmakers, will showcase the best journeyman pieces by up-and-coming cabinetmakers - in exceptional design and of outstanding quality

From 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., visitors will have the chance to marvel at the best journeyman pieces made by young carpenters from Lower Saxony and Bremen. These will be judged by an independent jury for originality, quality, modernity and functionality as part of the competition.

Hands-on activities for visitors to the exhibition

In addition, Tischler Nord is offering two hands-on activities parallel to the exhibition of the journeymen's pieces, which will give infa visitors an understanding of the carpentry trade.

On the one hand, they can make wooden barbecue tongs on site and put their craftsmanship to the test. Secondly, as every year, visitors to the trade fair will have the opportunity to participate in the evaluation of the journeymen's pieces and select their favorite.