Exhibitor comments on the opening weekend

Martin Rath, Moccamaker: "This was the best infa start we have ever experienced. It proved that it's always worth persevering."

Sara Parker, Parkers British Tweed: "This was a great weekend, just like the good old days. Everyone is happy to be back."

Katrin Gray, Mermaiding: "This was a super successful weekend, just great!"

Michael Meisel, Meisel & Gerken: "The infa is so nice, and I'm so glad it's back. After all, I've been attending for 25 years as well. The fact is, the weekend was super attended."

Uwe Lehmann, WOLL-Pfannen: "I've been at infa for 40 years. I have never experienced such a kick-off. Simply great, it doesn't get any better than this. Anyone who badmouths anything here badmouths everything else."

Lucienne Heise, Lichtdesign & Raumdesign via Facebook: "I was happy about many nice guests at my booth and I am really glad that we exhibitors are 'allowed' to come out again. Yes, it's smaller and I'm insanely sorry for the exhibitors who unfortunately didn't survive Corona. To all the other competitors, I wish you the best of luck in getting things back on track. Thank you to all the lovely guests and to the organizers of infa."

Sylvia Geese from Geese Design-Trends also on Facebook: "We had exclusively great, good-humored and friendly customers at the booth. I would like to thank them for that. There are an incredible amount of companies that have gotten into a lot of trouble because of Corona, or didn't make it through either. It's the first trade fair after a difficult time and I think the organizers did a great job of putting this together despite all the adversity and put a lot of effort into it."

Exhibitor comments on the second weekend

David Theil, OAKBROTHER: "It was our infa premiere and it went great, so we are very satisfied. Our goods are quite high-priced, so not a take-away product. And nevertheless we sold directly on the fair. We didn't expect our expectations to be exceeded."

Alexander Griese, AMC: "That was the best infa ever! It went even better than 2017, and that was our best year so far. Those were absolutely top days."

Janine Küster, Vorwerk Germany: "This was a super trade fair. Our booth was consistently well attended and we had non-stop customer discussions. The atmosphere was good throughout and we are all glad that infa took place. It is one of the best trade fairs ever for us."

Khalil Moubadder, Khalil Coiffeur International: "infa was absolutely worthwhile, regardless of sales. We met many new customers here, but we also met our loyal regulars again."

Anna Pulcher, German Bundestag booth: "A well-attended trade show with a very interested audience."

Tanja & Melli, Barrique: "This was our first infa and we are totally thrilled. There were a lot of customers at the booth, we had a lot of sales talks and fully achieved our goal, which was to become better known. We would very much like to come again."

Mira Liimatainen, PINEA: "I have been participating for 25 years and this year it was a very good show. Eighty percent of the visitors to our booth were regulars."

Jenny Bull, Porta: "A super fair, with mega frequency - both on the weekend and during the week. We had a lot of customers who were really interested. It was a lot of fun."

Andre Blöchl, Garten Paul: "As a family business, we have been at infa for over 35 years and are very happy that it is now starting up again with trade fairs. There were a lot of people there, and they were in a good mood and really wanted to go to the fair, wanted to shop."

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