Markthalle | Hall 21 | 15 to 17 October 2022

The Association of North German Direct Marketers will be presenting a colourful mix of information, food and drink for three days. The direct marketers come with fresh eggs from barn-raised hens, dairy products, cheese specialities, exquisite table potatoes, game, fresh honey and other delicacies from the region. There will be dairy products and warm rice pudding from farmer Banse, sheep's and goat's milk cheese from Käsehof Landolfshausen, pasta and egg liqueur from Hof Poppe, sweet tomato jam, savoury chutneys and delicious tomato liqueurs from Gärtnerei Richert, Bullenschluck herb liqueur from Bullenschluck Manufaktur Sulingen and fine baked goods from the cooperative organic bakery LINDENbackt.

Visitors can also look forward to regional suppliers such as Konditorei Eder (Meister Eders süße Werkstatt - A Heart for Marzipan), Luvine (Everything from Lupines - sustainable and regional products) and Deister - the brand from the Hameln-Weserbergland region (innovative and tasty products with natural ingredients).

A tractor in the hall will provide the right ambience and serve as a suitable photo motif. There will also be a dummy of a dairy cow on which you can try out milking.