After last year's infa had to be cancelled due to a pandemic and could only be held as the "Corona Edition" in 2020, this year's infa once again provided the usual and universally popular "infa feeling" with an exuberant mood and visitors with plenty of purchasing power.

A total of 95,000 people came to the Hanover exhibition center to gather information from over 550 exhibitors and to store to their heart's content. According to the independent Dortmund-based market research institute Gelszus, just under 84 percent of visitors bought or ordered* something at the fair, spending an average of 465 euros - in 2019, the average was just 363 euros.

The exhibitors' satisfaction was correspondingly high, with almost all of them drawing a very positive conclusion. Alexander Griese, AMC: "This was the best infa ever! It went even better than 2017 - and that was our best year so far. Those were absolutely top days."

Jenny Bull, Porta: "A super trade fair, with mega frequency - both on the weekend and during the week. We had a lot of customers who were really interested. It was a lot of fun."

David Theil, OAKBROTHER: "It was our infa premiere and it went great, so we are very satisfied. Our merchandise is very high-priced, so it's not a take-away product. And yet we sold directly at the fair. We didn't expect that our expectations were even exceeded."

Among the visitor magnets were the show kitchen with celebrity guests, Talk & Infos in the new Hannover Lounge, daily hair shows with star hairdresser Khalil, and daily singing performances by choirs from Lower Saxony in the Christmas Hall Christmas. Mermaid Kat, alias Katrin Gray, was a source of excitement, and not just among the younger visitors.

Satisfaction also among most of the visitors. Heike Bartels via social media: "We had a great girls' time on Tuesday at infa. It was smaller than before, we missed some exhibitors, but it was still nice! Thank you for a great day!"

Gisela Krumpe, also via social media: "We were there at 10am and got out of there at 6pm. There are fewer booths and halls, but there was still enough to see and we also got rid of money."

The predominantly good mood is also confirmed by the results of the Gelszus Market Research Institute. Overall, 79 percent of visitors said they had been very satisfied with infa, 88 percent said they would visit infa again next year and 83 percent said they would recommend infa to others.

The next infa will take place from October 14 to 22, 2023.